— National Teacher Training

Due to a lack of teaching resource in the nation’s vocational schools, many part-time employees joined as teachers. They need to receive systematical training on skills and knowledge as their ages, experiences and qualifications are quite different. In order to boost the national hairdressing & beauty industry and professions as well as development and reform of occupational education, CHBA has carried out a series of nationwide teacher trainings.

   1. Hairdressing & beauty professional teacher trainings within Beijing, Zhejiang and Jiangsu
2. Advanced training for the nation’s excellent core teachers

— Training for National Competition and OMC World Competition

    1.Referee Group
    -Referees and trainers qualification training for the national hairdressing & makeup, manicure competition
  -Referee training for operating procedure items of beauty & skin care vocational competition

    2. Participant Group
    -Training for participants of OMC Hairdressing World Championship and Annual Asian Championship

— Master Training Class

Specially invites OMC global masters, OMC (China) Prestige CLUB’s creative team, and members from CHBA’s Hairdressing & Makeup Research and Innovation Centers to develop a high-end series of hairdressing & makeup training coursed.

 A. a Series courses of OMC’s Globe Creative Director Mr. Eugene
 B. Master Training Class of China Hair Style Research & Innovation Center (face to the Industry)
 C. Master Training Class of China Makeup Research & Innovation Center (face to the industry)
 D. Master Training Class of China Manicure Research & Innovation Center (face to the industry)

— CEOs Elite Training on operation and management

It is the training held for the industry members and management personnel in charge of business regarding operation and management, incorporating academic and practice categories together with focuson enterprise management-oriented courses.

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