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Rapid development of global economy, and China’s joining WTO have brought unprecedented opportunities for China’s hairdressing and beauty industry. In order to promote the fast development of China’s hairdressing and beauty industry and inter-industry international communication and cooperation, CHBA has been actively contacting with relevant foreign organizations, and has facilitated many international exchange cooperation projects. Through these activities, we hope that we could genuinely help member enterprises achieve technological breakthrough and management innovation, and thus, bring them with more splendid prospect.


Global Partners

1Argentina 2.Armenia
3.Austria 4.Azerbaijan
5.Belarus 6.Belgium
7.Bosnia-Herze govina 8.Bulgaria
9.Burkina Faso 10.Canada
11.Croatia 12.Cyprus                  
13.Denmark 14.Estonia
15.Finland 16.France
17.Georgia 18.Germany
19.Great Britain 20.Greece
21.Guinea 22.Holland
23.Hong-Kong 24.Hungary
25.India 26.Indonesia
27.Ireland 28.Italy
29.Japan 30.Kazakhstan
31.Kyrgyzstan 32.Latvia
33.Lebanon 34.Lithuania
35.Luxemburg 36.Mauritania
37.Moldova 38.Mongolia
39.Northern Ireland 40.Norway
41.Paraguay 42.Philippines
43.Poland 44.Portugal
45.Porto Rico 46.Rissoa
47.Senegal 48.Serbia Montenegro
49.Singapore 50.Slovakia
51.South Africa 52.South Korea
53.Spain 54.Sri Lanka
55.Sweden 56.Switzerland
57.Ta.wan 58.Thailand
59.Ukraine 60.Uruguay
61.USA 62.Uzbekistan


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